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About Us

Magna People Change is a Sussex based consultancy specializing in Culture Design and Change, Organisational Change Management and Capability Development, that works across the UK and internationally.

We work with business leadership teams and HR directors to deliver value through people by providing;

We support clients through the entire cycle of organisational change and transformation, starting with strategy and initial diagnostics right through to successful implementation and benefits realization.

Our consulting practice is deeply grounded in the principles of academic research and insights derived from my

(1) MSc training on organisational change from Birkbeck, University of London and

(2) Lecturing experience as a visiting lecturer at the business school in the University of Brighton. The subjects I teach are “Organisational Development, International Management and Leadership”

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Uzma Aitqad

Culture Design & Change Consultancy

Building people centered organisations for a lasting competitive advantage

The “culture design & change consultancy work” helps organisations understand their current culture, define what might need to change and then make it a reality.

Magna People Change can help if you are;

  • Looking to improve performance by enhancing your culture?
  • Looking for your culture to better support the delivery of your strategy and values?
  • Wanting to understand and define your culture?
  • Looking for help to embed “digital culture” in your organisations cultural DNA?
Uzma Aitqad

Organisational Change Management Consultancy

Managing people side of change through engagement

The “organisational change management consultancy” helps businesses with managing people side of transformational changes such as “digital transformations” by ensuring smooth transition without any disruption to business.

“Magna People Change” can help if you are;

  • Trying to get people’s commitment to change and bridge the gap between leadership and teams
  • Looking to get people buy-in to adapt to new ways of working
  • Trying to understand the impacts of change on people and manage them effectively

Capability Development

Helping organisations to become a learning organisation for agility and resilience

Developing in-house Change Management Office (CMO) capability
making organisations agile to deal with the pressures of the fast-paced changing work environment.

Magna People Change can help if you are;

  • Looking to build leadership capability to maximize the benefits of digital transformations?
  • Wanting to develop in-house “change leadership and management” capability?
  • Looking to build global leadership talent in your organisation?
  • Looking to embrace emotional and cultural intelligence by your teams

I work with leadership teams designing bespoke executive educational workshops and talks for corporates.

Key topics delivered both in the UK and internationally:

  • Leadership readiness for a successful digital transformation
  • Culture; a key contributor to organisations success
  • Developing global leadership including cross cultural & decision making aspects
  • Developing emotional & cultural intelligence
  • Building change leadership capability in organisations / people and change methodology
Capability Development
Helping organisations to become a learning organisation for agility and resilience


Helping organisations to understand their existing cultures, their current states of digital maturity and change capability.

  • Organisational Culture Assessment
    Diagnostic to understand culture barriers to address and harness fit for purpose behaviors/culture
  • Organisational Digital Maturity Assessment
    Diagnostic to understand existing digital maturity of your organisation so you can better prepare your organisation for digital transformations maximizing the benefits
  • Organisational Change Capability Assessment
    Diagnostic to understand in-house change management capability to help build organisations agility addressing fast paced changes

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